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With Inside Out debuting to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, John Lasseter carried the Disney/Pixar momentum forward with a preview of the studio’s upcoming animated films through 2017.

Variety reports that, while Inside Out may be receiving all the current Pixar love, Lasseter reminded the crowd that the studio has another feature coming later this year. With The Good Dinosaur, 2015 will be the first time Pixar has two films in one year. The film follows the Apatosaurus, Ario, who, in typical Disney fashion, loses a parent, and makes a trip back home with the help of a human boy named Spot. The film will include a cast of other dinosaurs, including T. rexes, a pterodactyl, and a velociraptor.

“The level of believability we’re striving for in this film is going to be breathtaking,” Lasseter reportedly said about the film’s animation style. The Good Dinosaur will hit theaters on Nov. 25.

Lasseter also showed off the trio of animated films coming from both Disney and Pixar in 2016. Disney will have Zootopia, a film about a city where only talking animals live in society without humans. The protagonist is a bunny cop, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), who partners with a fox (Jason Bateman) for a missing mammal mystery.

Pixar will also debut the Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory in 2016 as well, with the action set six months after the events of the original. The film reportedly will including a harrowing giant-squid encounter, kelp forests, and a friendly shark who thinks she’s a whale.

Moana will also come from Disney in 2016, focusing on the titular 16-year-old Polynesian princess. Variety reports that the musical film opens with a number reminiscent of The Lion King‘s “Circle of Life.” In the film, Moana wants to explore neighboring islands to her homeland, and sneaks away to do so after the death of her grandmother. Dwayne Johnson is also set to star as the hero Maui, whose tattoos come to life.

Zootopia is set for a March 4, 2016 debut, Dory will arrive on June 17 that year, and then Moana will follow on Nov. 23.

Last but not least, Lasseter discussed his return to the director’s chair for Toy Story 4. While his comments were brief, he described the movie as “not as much a continuation of the past films, but a brand new chapter in the Toy Story world.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lasseter said, after finishing the Pixar portion of the presentation, seven more films are in development for release after 2017.

Lasseter also concluded the presentation by screening Sanjay’s Super Team, the short that will appear ahead of The Good Dinosaur.

For more from Lasseter from Cannes, read his comments about the studio’s initiative to improve diversity in its films.

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