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This post contains details from the Chicago P.D. season 2 finale, which aired Wednesday, May 20.

Chicago P.D.‘s final hour of season 2 finally forced Erin to her breaking point with this whole grieving-Nadia-by-doing-drugs-and-ruining-my-life spiral. Thanks to a corrupt narcotics unit, Intelligence was tasked with taking down some of their own—cops. But in doing so, Erin was forced to admit her recent drug use to Voight, not to mention that she nearly lost her life.

By the end of the hour, she’d stopped coming to work altogether, and when Voight showed up at Bunny’s bar to take Erin back, she handed over her badge completely. So no, Erin’s spiral is not yet over. But for that, I’m thankful. Putting an abrupt end to that would’ve felt fake.

However, Erin’s outlook on life is not shared by all. For Antonio, he spent the hour trying to get enough funds together to buy the boxing gym that changed his life. Sadly, even with Roman and Halstead’s help, he couldn’t seem to raise enough money … until Voight handed over some stolen drug money in a classic Voight move: doing a bit of bad to do a lot of good.

Also doing a bit of good—or rather, a whole lot of good—this hour saw Atwater regain his position in Intelligence, and better yet, it saw Ruzek propose to Burgess! That’s right, we’ve got a wedding in our future!

The other big twist of the hour: Apparently, years ago, while Olinsky was undercover, he had a girlfriend WHILE he was married in his real life. And now, he just found out that he has a teenage daughter … who’s currently in juvy. Good times, huh?

Altogether, it was a strong hour, pinning Voight, the “dirty cop” against actual dirty cops and watching him come out victorious. And at the same time, it pushed Erin to her breaking point, while also forwarding the personal stories of numerous other characters. Basically, this finale had everything we needed … plus the proposal we deserved.

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