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Bill Murray pulled out all the stops for his friend David Letterman during his appearance on Tuesday night’s penultimate Late Show. He even fed a few hungry audience members along the way.

Murray’s guest spot on the episode began with the man of mystery popping out from inside of a giant cake, wearing goggles and covered in frosting. He makes his way through the crowd, offering the audience, Paul Shaffer, and other members of the CBS Orchestra a mid-show snack.

But Murray was really on the show for some serious business. He wants Letterman to stick around, but it’s not his place to tell Letterman what to do. So instead, he had the “American people” do it for him, bringing together Letterman fans in about the most Bill Murray way one might expect.

For more on Letterman, watch Bob Dylan’s performance from Tuesday’s episode and read what other late night hosts, like Jimmy Kimmel, have to say about Letterman’s legacy before he signs off on Wednesday.

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Credit: CBS
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