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When Supernatural hit 200 episodes this season, EW ranked all of the show’s hours up to that point—and sitting pretty at number one was “Swan Song,” the show’s season 5 finale. Fans remember it well: Sam allowed Lucifer to take over his body for an epic showdown against Michael, during which Lucifer-Sam beat Dean to a pulp before finally regaining control and jumping into Hell.

That finale was the perfect mix of conclusion, intrigue, and good old heartbreak. And that’s why we hope tonight’s season 10 finale will look to it for guidance.

So far, the end of season 10 is starting to feel a lot like season 5. There’s Death’s return, as well as one brother battling something dark—something that theoretically is going to make him kill the other brother. Sound familiar? Back then, it was Lucifer, and now, it’s the Mark of Cain. Regardless, the Winchesters are fighting as hard as they can to save each other.

With those similarities in mind, here are the big points that the season 10 finale could take away from the show’s strongest hour:

1. Put an end to the big bad. Even though no one is ever fully gone from the world of Supernatural, there was at least a temporary finality to Lucifer’s farewell. Now it’s time for the show to do the same with the Mark of Cain … and furthermore, Metatron. Both have been solid additions to the storylines of the past few seasons, but it’s time for a new big bad. Heck, maybe it’s time to bring back Lucifer.

2. Brother-on-brother violence. As odd as it sounds to request this, nothing is more heartbreaking than watching the Winchesters go toe-to-toe because some outside force is making them. Few scenes are as devastating—yet empowering—as watching Sam nearly kill Dean only to fight off the devil and spare his brother’s life, even if it cost him his own. The Winchesther’s catchphrase really should be, “Saving people, hunting things, and sacrificing our own lives for those we love.”

3. Chuck/God makes an appearance. There is not an episode in Supernatural history that wasn’t made better by the appearance of Chuck, including this season’s 200th.

4. Things come full circle … with a twist. What the season 5 finale did so beautifully was wrap up its many storylines while still managing to leave viewers excited for the next chapter. Yes, the apocalypse storyline had ended, but suddenly, Sam was back from Hell. How? And what did that mean?

5. “Ass butt.” If there’s ever a chance for Cas to use the phrase “ass butt,” it needs to be included.

Bonus point: This doesn’t have much to do with season 5, but it’s time for Rowena to serve more of a purpose than being the witchy helper or the awful mother. Either kill her or have her show us what the Grand Coven really taught her. And if Rowena really wants her son dead, have her prove it. (As devastating as it is to write, something as big as killing Crowley could be just the sort of power move this show needs.)

The Supernatural season 10 finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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