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May 19, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

After an hour of recapping Monday night’s show, an estimated 1,000 guest performances, upwards of 18 throws to commercial break from Carson, and five unexpectedly perfect impressions from Christina, a season 8 winner was crowned tonight on The Voice. So whose dreams did America make come true (and subsequently whose dreams did you take down faster than Blake and the mysterious contents of a Starbucks cup)? The newest winner of the show that brought us Adam’s exorbitant collection of bowling shirts and Pharrell’s best nuggets of wisdom is…


Runner-Up: Meghan Linsey

Third Place: Joshua Davis

Fourth Place: Koryn Hawthorne

If you’ve so much as glanced in the direction of an iTunes chart in the past few weeks, you knew the wunderkind from a small farm in upstate New York was the most likely choice to become the coolest 10th grader with a record contract when Carson opened up that envelope tonight. And in the midst of all the excitement, the confetti, and the sweetest parental hug since Gilmore Girls ended, Sawyer proved with his final performance of “Please” that he can handle the pressure of being named The Voice.

UPDATE: EW’s full recap is live!

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