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Spoiler alert: Mad Max survives Fury Road. And franchise mastermind George Miller has big plans for the character’s future. After the R-rated opera of violence and mayhem debuted to $45.4 million in North America — and another $65 million in foreign ticket sales — Miller doesn’t want to wait 30 more years to put Max back in action. On Sunday, he tweeted “there’s more Max to come.”

Such news will likely be embraced by Tom Hardy, who is signed to play Max again. Back in September, at the Toronto Film Festival, he told EW, “Mad Max belongs to George Miller; that whole world belongs to George Miller. He created it. I’m just a small cog in a much grander tapestry, and it’s a honor to be part of that. Hopefully they’ll be more [films].”

Miller promises more films, and he even leaked the title to the next sequel. On Jeff Goldsmith’s recent podcast, Miller revealed that the working title for Max’s next adventure is Mad Max: The Wasteland.

A representative for Warner Bros. said the studio had not yet announced plans for a sequel.

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