By Taylor Weatherby
Updated May 19, 2015 at 05:25 PM EDT

Luke Bryan may be one of the kings of country music, but that title doesn’t extend to presidential trivia.

The “Kick the Dust Up” singer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and battled a 5-year-old presidential expert named Macey Hensley in a game of “Know Your Country”—and he ate her dust.

“Wait, I thought this was supposed to be country music?” Bryan asks after Hensley dominates the first two questions. DeGeneres introduced the game saying that each question will either be about country music or the history of our country, but Bryan quickly learned that it had no relation to music at all. “I see what’s going on here,” he laughed.

Bryan took his loss in stride, adorably telling Hensley he’ll vote for her when she’s president. Watch the whole clip below.

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