May 19, 2015 at 12:37 PM EDT

With David Letterman’s last show fast approaching, late night hosts are taking their time to say farewell to a man who influenced many of their careers today. Jimmy Fallon is the latest to pay homage, offering a few memories of what Letterman has meant to him over the years.

Fallon took a moment on Monday’s The Tonight Show to recount his last time appearing on Letterman’s Late Show, and how the host’s “33 years of innovation, fun, and just plain weirdness… but mostly fun” had opened his eyes to the type of comedy that could be done on television.

It’s a personal, sweet, and honest few minutes from Fallon, who even takes the time to prove how he and Letterman were connected from a young age thanks to a surprisingly prophetic 8th grade teacher.

Watch Fallon’s ode to Letterman below, and for more from other late night hosts, watch Jon Stewart’s farewell from The Daily Show and read Conan O’Brien’s tribute to the Late Show host before his final episode on May 20.

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