Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Stars have flooded the red carpet during the Cannes Film Festival this year, but it’s currently their footwear that is receiving the most buzz. The festival is currently being criticized over its dress code, after The Hollywood Reporter noted that a group of women were turned away from a screening of Todd Haynes’ Carol because of their shoe choices.

Despite accusations from attendees such as Asif Kapadia, director of the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, Cannes director Thierry Fremaux denied what some have called “flatgate.” Fremaux responded to critics on social media, tweeting, “Not at all. The rumor that the festival requires high heels for women on the steps is unfounded.” In another tweet, Fremaux pointed out that the Cannes dress code is “smoking, evening dress.” (A representative for Cannes could not immediately be reached for comment.)

At a press conference for her new film, Sicario, Emily Blunt addressed the conflict, calling it “disappointing.”

“I think everyone should wear flats, to be honest. We shouldn’t wear high heels anymore,” Blunt said. “That’s just my point of view. I prefer to wear Converse sneakers.”

After Blunt’s comments, Sicario directorDenis Villeneuve told press that he and stars Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro will “walk the steps in high heels.”

The controversy comes after the ACLU called for an investigation of gender bias in Hollywood.