Rock vets Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan will tag team arenas throughout the country this summer as part of their The End Times tour. To drum up excitement for what are sure to be dark, angsty shows—basically the opposite of the Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour—Manson and Corgan gave an hour-long Q&A in Chicago Monday night.

Though Manson and Corgan hadn’t been on speaking terms as recently as the end of 2014, mutual friend (and notorious peacemaker?) Courtney Love facilitated a reconciliation between the two musicians. At the Q&A, Manson said Corgan taught him to play guitar, and Corgan said they had a relationship “like brothers.”

Manson and Corgan aren’t known for playing things straight—remember when Corgan was the coverboy for a regional cat magazine?—and they worked their oddball personas for maximum effect Monday night, going on silly tangents as Corgan periodically squeaked a cat toy Manson said he’d given the star earlier in the day.

The discussion often focused on music, though not necessarily the type fans may have expected. “I like to put on Imagine Dragons when someone says something that pisses me off,” said Manson, who also admitted that Justin Timberlake’s music is a central part of his pre-show ritual. “I just put on Imagine Dragons because it’s like a punishment.”

Corgan and Manson also elaborated on their plans to perform Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on the End Times tour, with Corgan noting that “in the annals of history, [Manson] has a better idea of what girls want for fun than I do.” Manson’s response: “You mean in the anals of history?”

Ultimately, the Q&A boiled down to a mutual respect for each other’s music—although fans might see a different Corgan and Manson after the tour wraps. “I tried to convince him to wear makeup,” Manson said of Corgan. “He tried to make me have more chords in my music.”