Credit: Serial

This week on Serial: A major update in Adnan Syed’s case that could mean Syed would be able to submit new evidence.

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals released its decision on Monday in regard to Syed’s file for appeal that his counsel was “constitutionally ineffective” during the trial that saw Syed convicted for the murder of his high school classmate and ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. The decision states that Syed’s case would be remanded to the Circuit Court of Baltimore City “to file…a request to re-open the post-conviction proceedings.”

If the court approves his request, Syed would be able to submit new evidence, including some he believes his counsel failed to include in the original case. Chief among it would be the testimony of Asia McClain, someone who, as Serial listeners will know, claimed to know where Syed was during the time of the murder.

McClain wrote in affidavit in both 2000 and earlier this year regarding the alibi she established as well as her testimony, but if the circuit court rules in Syed’s favor, it could potentially mean McClain’s testimony would be heard.

This does not mean Syed will definitely be able to re-open the case, as the circuit court has to consider granting Syed’s request, but it is a major step forward for Syed’s case as there had not previously even been the opportunity for him to do so. The submitting of new evidence could allow Syed to eventually be given a new trial if the courts finds there is sufficient enough reason to re-open the case.

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