Credit: Tony Barson/FilmMagic

All right, all right, all right: In an interview with Variety, Matthew McConaughey said he would make a movie for Marvel or DC Comics if the right script came along.

While promoting the poorly reviewed Sea of Trees at the Cannes Film Festival, McConaughey revealed that he’s discussed possible roles with both companies. “I’ve read some Marvel and DC scripts,” he told Variety. “And I’ve talked about working with them on some scripts. Nothing has been right for me yet. But I’m sure open to it.”

“It’s very simple for me,” he continued. “I look at the script. Is the opportunity exciting? Is the money that comes with it exciting? Sure. Is it the possibility of going, ‘Hey you can get on a train and it can be a franchise and you could do 3, 4, 5, and have a great time as some kind of superhero or anti-hero.’ It starts with the story and character.”

For the full interview with McConaughey, head to Variety.

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