By Madison Vain
May 18, 2015 at 07:20 PM EDT

Hot Chip’s sixth studio album, Why Make Sense, releases Tuesday via Domino, and at 15 years into their tenure as a band, we’ve come to know what to expect from the five-piece out of London—collections bursting with electropop glory and disco edges that make you look for the nearest dancefloor.

And along with that strobe-light friendly fare have come some killer videos. Guitarist Al Doyle and instrumentalist/programmer Felix Martin recount their favorites. 

“Don’t Deny Your Heart,” 2012

MARTIN: This was one of those ideas that I couldn’t actually imagine coming into being. And it was a hell of a lot of work to make into a real thing. But being able to find a programmer to use all that motion capture stuff to make a video game environment was amazing.

DOYLE: Andy Circus, the guy who does Gollum and all the Lord of the Rings stuff, is the go-to guy for this stuff and he has this entire place he calls his performance capture space call his Imaginarium, I think, and he let us have a day there to do that video. It was the best place in the world to do that. We were lucky to have that access.

“Playboy,” 2004 

MARTIN: I was just watching that one the other day on YouTube. I’m not in that one but that is the oldest video that we did and I just really enjoyed looking at the young HotChip faces. And the MTV logo, that really kind of dates it, doesn’t it? It was before YouTube was really sort of a thing.

DOYLE: There’s every reason now that kids would make their own video because they know they have to put something up but, like Felix was saying, this was pre-YouTube, so if you were on a small label or a small act, there was really no point in making a video, because it wasn’t going to get played anyway. This was our first foray into that world.