By Isabella Biedenharn
May 18, 2015 at 10:31 PM EDT
Alex Wong/Getty Images

If this isn’t a sign of the 21st century, we’re not sure what is: Today, after President Barack Obama announced that he’s finally gotten his very own Twitter account—@POTUS—six years into his Presidency, former President Bill Clinton took the opportunity to ask Obama a question that’s pretty relevant to what’s going on in the Clinton household these days:

Just over an hour later (man, these Heads of State are quick), Clinton got his answer straight from Obama himself:

With a few famous late-night appearances under both of their belts, it’s no shock that Clinton and Obama seem just as approachable over the internet as they always have on TV. But still, presidents tweeting? Can you imagine watching George Washington and James Madison make little winking jokes at each other online for all to see? The future is crazy.