By Christopher Rosen
Updated May 18, 2015 at 05:02 PM EDT
Credit: Mintz/AMC

This piece contains spoilers about the series finale of Mad Men.

Mad Men ended with an iconic 1971 Coca-Cola commercial, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” On the show, it was Don Draper who presumably masterminded the zeitgeist-capturing advertisement. In real life, however, the credit goes to Bill Backer, a former McCann Erickson creative director who thought up the commercial’s concept while sitting in an airport during a flight delay. What did Backer think of seeing his masterpiece appropriated by Matthew Weiner for the good of Don Draper?

“I don’t care,” he told CNN Money on Monday. “I didn’t see it.”

In fact, Backer said he stopped watching Mad Men completely after showing early interest.

“It had become more about the tangled lives of the people and less about the industry they were working in and presenting the ads in ways that was attention-getting, and hopefully uplifting and fun to watch,” he said.

But while Backer might not have been too excited about the whole thing, his former employers were quite pleased. McCann Erickson live-tweeted the finale, and even gave Don a shoutout for coming up with the now-famous ad.

For the full story from Backer on how the ad came together, head to CNN Money.

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