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Rarely does a show pack as many jaw-dropping bombs and earth-shattering secrets into a season finale as The Royals did. Asurprise pregnancy reveal (Prudence), a bloody fistfight (who knew the crown prince had such a a fierce uppercut?), a breakup (buh-bye, Ophelia), an unexpected allegiance (Jasper and Eleanor), even a death (R.I.P. King Simon)—Sunday’s finale made it clear that any number of over-the-top storylines are fair game in season 2.

So what’s ahead for E!’s English import? Cast members Elizabeth Hurley, Alexandra Park, and William Moseley told EW a few things we can expect from The Royals in season 2.

1. Helena will be even more of a bitch. “I keep telling the writers to make her really bad,” says Hurley of her character, Queen Helena. “Most actresses say they want some sort of redemption, but I don’t want any redemption. I have no idea she will actually be redeemed, but it’s quite nice for her to be the way she is. My character seems to do most people would like to, but don’t. She’s one of those people that thinks, ‘I’ve got one life, and I’m going to try make it work.’”

2. The Queen still might make a play to become reigning monarch. A few unexpected hurdles are no match for this conniving queen—and there’s a chance that Helena may soon wear the crown as sovereign. “She’s certainly hinted at that,” says Hurley.

3. We’ll see more of Jasper. Tons of fans turned their noses up at Jasper and Eleanor’s uncomfortable storyline, but Park says she’s in favor of the bodyguard sticking around for season 2: “I think it’s a really unique relationship, and I don’t want it to go away.” Jasper and Eleanor’s mutual dysfunction adds a curious layer to an otherwise “boring” romance, Park suggests. “It’s not your typical love story between the nice guy who meets the troubled girl,” says the 26-year-old. “It’s a dysfunctional relationship with two powerful manipulators going head to head, but you see that they really do care for each other. And I think that’s interesting to watch.” For the record, she does have one condition should Jasper stick around for season 2. “He shouldn’t sleep with my mother,” says Park. “We could start there!”

4. Liam will get laid a lot more. It seems the sexy prince will have plenty of fun following his split from Ophelia in the season finale. “I think in order for my character to grow, he had to be out of that relationship,” notes Mosley, 28. “So I think Ophelia will take a back seat, and there will probably be some more love interests. There will be some other young, attractive girls.” The British actor would love to see Amber Heard and Mila Kunis as single-and-ready-to mingle guest stars, noting, “They’re unbelievably hot!”

5. The young prince will continue to step it up. “He’ll fight his own battles and not look to others for answers, and will take responsibilities for his actions—which is the building of a man,” says Moseley. “He made a lot of mistakes early in the season, but in the end, I feel he won. I feel like he found a new conviction for himself that will drive him forward in season 2.”

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