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I need my Game of Thrones fix! — Molly

This week’s episode will see the return of one fan-favorite character. Is that enough of a fix? No? It’s also Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding, which will definitely have people talking. Check EW for two great interviews from James Hibberd after the episode.

It’s been a year since the Hannibal season 2 finale left pretty much everybody besides Hannibal bleeding to death. I’m begging you: WHO DIED? — Riley

You’ll find out…but not immediately. Hannibal season 3 very gradually reintroduces the cast over the first three episodes. The season premiere focuses mainly on Hannibal and Bedelia, and episode two picks up with Will on the hunt for his old frenemy. There are appearances by Abigail Hobbs and Jack Crawford—but there are also copious flashbacks and Hannibal’s trademark surreal dream sequences, so they might just be “appearing.”

If Sara is being brought back to life in Legends of Tomorrow, why doesn’t she immediately want to reunite with her family on Arrow? — Anna

It sounds like that’s something she’ll be struggling with on Legends. “The thing that I like about Sara is she was always battling demons,” Caity Lotz told my colleague Samantha Highfill when she posed that very question. “She’s going to have a roller coaster. She doesn’t have a straight path. It’s not like, ‘Okay, this is where she is, she’s going to be good or she’s going to be bad.’ I think it’s going to be a lot of that.”

Is it too soon for Under the Dome scoop? — Liza

Never too soon! EPs Tim Schlattmann and Neal Baer just sent this over for Spoiler Room: “Fatherhood may be in the cards for Barbie this season, but who is the mother of his child isn’t who you might expect.” Guesses in the comments!

How does Johnny D even know Olivia has his kid on SVU? — Tim

Just as Johnny D’s trial for sex trafficking begins, Benson is faced with a difficult decision as she’s finally given the opportunity to adopt Noah. “On those forms, you’re supposed to list the biological parents if you know who they are,” EP Warren Leight tells me. “Lying hasn’t gone well for Liv. She also wants to start out clean with her son, and doesn’t want the adoption to start out with a lie. Against Barba’s advice, she lists Johnny D as the biological father. Barba begs her not to do it, but she lists him, and the battle is on.”

Is there anything you can tease about The Flash finale? — Bella

The promos do not lie: Caitlin and Ronnie are going to tie the knot. “It’s [amid] a moment of crisis in our season finale,” Danielle Panabaker says, describing the upcoming finale as “devastating.” Oh, and you may want to rewatch the trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which actually includes more than one glimpse at The Flash finale.

Is Mike going to die after being stabbed on The Following? — Chasen

Well, that would just spoil the series finale, wouldn’t it? But I can reveal that there will be a number of deaths. There will also be at least one more shocking twist when it comes to which characters you can and can’t trust.

Did Sherlock REALLY relapse on Elementary? (Whispers “please no, please no” over and over while gently rocking back and forth.) — Lindsay

Alas, he really did relapse, but there is hope. “The relapse is something Sherlock will have to live with for a while,” executive producer Rob Doherty tells me. “But over the last few years, he’s invested himself in a program that can and will be there to help him. All is not lost.”

Will Liv go after Blaine now that he killed Lowell on iZombie? — Francesca

You better believe it! “The one good thing about Lowell passing away last episode is that Liv is now inspired to not let Blaine get away with anything anymore,” Rose McIver says. “She has a real drive and passion to find him. He’s taken something of hers. She’s not going to let anything slide too easily. There’s certainly a confrontation that happens before the end of the season.”

How can anything top the monkey masturbation scene on Silicon Valley? — Matthew

Just you wait. We’re about to see the best episode so far this season, as the gang teams with an energy drink company to provide video streaming for a live stunt they’re doing. It results in a visual gag that rivals last year’s infamously epic finale dick joke.

Best news I’ve heard all week: The hills are alive with the sound of… fall TV! Get all the scoop here.

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Additional reporting by Darren Franich, James Hibberd and Samantha Highfill.

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