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Because The Daily Show will be taking off next week, host Jon Stewart won’t get a chance to say goodbye to a certain towering TV figure when everyone else does. So he took a moment on Thursday to say farewell and honor another late night talk show host, who will be ending his run next Wednesday: David Letterman.

Stewart used the final segment of his episode to discuss how influential Letterman was on his and many other comedians’ careers.

“He was, for me, and I think many comics of my generation, an incredible epiphany of how a talk show or how entertainment or how television could… for God’s sake, the man put a camera on a monkey,” Stewart said.

“There are so few people that can innovate that format,” he continued. “And then…to be an innovator with longevity, I mean, damn. The list is Dave. I think the list is Dave.”

Stewart then showed a clip of Letterman’s appearance on The Jon Stewart Show‘s final episode.

Watch Stewart discuss Letterman in the clip below, and for more on the Late Show host’s final episodes, read about who his last guests will be and hear from other celebrities like Conan O’Brien about what Letterman meant to them.

Late Show With David Letterman

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