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Writer/director George Miller stopped by EW Radio’s studios to talk about all things Mad Max:Fury Road ahead of the movie’s nationwide opening Friday. The 70-year old filmmaker spent more than a decade trying to return protagonist Max Rockatansky to the big screen, and although he’s finally succeeded, the process was a grueling one met by every kind of delay: financing, lead actor troubles, weather issues.

In spite of the challenges — or perhaps because of them — Miller has crafted a high-octane chase film that just might radically reshape the action genre landscape, as his original Mad Max film did 30 years earlier. Take a listen to some of the highlights from the interview below, and for more information, pick up the May 1 issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Fury Road star Tom Hardy on the cover.

George Miller’s first impressions of Tom Hardy:

How feminist and activist Eve Ensler become a consultant on the film:

How Miller created the unique character of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa:

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