Credit: Courtesy Steven Tyler

Rustle up some whiskey and get back in the saddle: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has released his first country single. “Love Is Your Name” comes in advance of Tyler’s still-unfinished album on country label Big Machine, which also distributes artists including Florida Georgia Line, Martina McBride, and Taylor Swift. Like most contemporary country, “Love Is Your Name” is a sweeping cut that goes from plaintive verses to grandiose choruses—but Tyler applies his gritty voice and penchant for earthy melodies to make the style his own.

Tyler offered USA Today the following explanation about his country shift: “Country, to me, has always been oversimplified, by an accent, a truck, cowboy boots, a dirt road, a back porch. But I think it’s more about freedom and pride and hard work and the girl. And knowing everybody’s first name in town, you know? There were 1,200 people in my town when I grew up. That, to me, is country.”

He’ll give “Love Is Your Name” its live debut on tonight’s American Idol season finale. Listen to it below: