Sons of Anarchy may be over but that isn’t going to stop Kim Coates from getting in a heap of onscreen trouble. The actor is starring in the comic book adaptation Officer Downe, which is directed by Shawn Crahan from Slipknot and also features Tyler Ross, Lauren Velez, Reno Wilson, and Bruno Gunn in the cast.

The movie stars Coates as an L.A. supercop who is killed in the line of duty but who is repeatedly resurrected and sent back onto the streets. Officer Downe is based on the Man of Action imprint/Image Comics graphic novel written by Joe Casey—who also penned the film’s screenplay—and illustrated by Chris Burnham.

The film is produced by Man of Action Entertainment, Skip Williamson, Cole Payne, Crank codirector Mark Neveldine and Slipknot manager Cory Brennan. Voltage Pictures is currently repping Officer Downe at Cannes.

You can see an exclusive first look image of Coates in Officer Downe, above.