He played Patricia Arquette's boss.
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

While the original CSI prepares to wrap up with a two-hour reunion finale, the franchise is also retooling remaining spinoff CSI: Cyber. Earlier today, word came down that current CSI lead Ted Danson will join Cyber next season. Now, EW has confirmed the Deadline report that Cyber co-star Peter MacNicol will not return next season. MacNicol played Stavros Sifter, who supervised Patricia Arquette’s Avery Ryan and who, more importantly, was named “Stavros Sifter.”

And just to clarify, Danson’s character will not be replacing MacNicol as Ryan’s supervisor. Apparently, the whole notion that Ryan even needs a supervisor will be phased out. Hey, Top Brass! Take your red tape and shove it! Avery Ryan doesn’t have time for you! Somebody’s hacking rollercoasters!