McDonald’s has debuted a promo starring the new Hamburglar as he takes over the McDonald’s Twitter account. The clip introduces the burger thief — who gets constantly interrupted by phone calls from his wife.

Questions! Who is the Hamburglar’s wife? Did the Hamburglar buy the candles and cake for Hamburglar Jr.? Does Mrs. Hamburglar ever question the black capes and eye masks she finds scattered around their closet? What does she think Hamburglar does for a living?

Also: If he loves hamburgers enough to burgle them, why doesn’t he have a hamburger-themed iPhone case? Couldn’t he have at least sprung for a mobile version of Juno‘s hamburger phone?

Watch the video above to see the Hamburglar mythology deepen—and perhaps mark the beginning of a new MCU… the McDonald’s Cinematic Universe.

This post has been updated to clarifiy that the video is a Twitter promo for Hamburglar and not the first commercial.