Credit: John Paul Filo/ CBS

A number of big names are scheduled to stop by the final episodes of Late Show with David Letterman before the late-night fixture signs off on May 20, but it looks like Jay Leno won’t be among them.

On Monday’s show, guest Howard Stern asked about Letterman’s open invitation to his former time-slot rival. Letterman turned to his producer: “I don’t know — is that happening?”

Off camera, the producer signaled that it was not, though they had put out an offer. “And Jay said no, that creep?” Stern asked, before talking over the producer’s attempt to clarify. Letterman, who indicated that he didn’t have anything to do with the initial invite, offered a more generous assessment of how everything went down.

“You know, Jay asked me to be on when he was finishing his show, and I said, ‘That’s a lovely offer, but I think it really should be more about just Jay on his final week of shows,’ so I declined. And I think he may feel the same way about this situation,” Letterman said.

The late-night legend closed the discussion with a quick dig at his guest.

“So that’s when we called you.”

Credit: John Paul Filo/ CBS

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