May 11, 2015 at 04:26 PM EDT

If Mother’s Day ad campaigns are to be believed, being a mom is an honor. But as John Oliver pointed out on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, that honor doesn’t carry much weight when it comes to American companies.

The host went on another of his signature takedowns this week, showing how the U.S. is one of only two countries that don’t offer paid time off for new moms. In fact, maternity leave is often scraped together using vacation time and sick days. “Mothers shouldn’t have to stitch together time to recover from childbirth the same way we plan a four-day weekend in Atlantic City,” Oliver says, before rolling clips of mothers who returned to work just weeks after giving birth, and in the case of one woman in 2006, returned the Monday after. He then unveils an honest Mother’s Day ad, concluding, “This Mother’s Day, we have just one thing to say to all the mothers out there: Get the f— back to work!”

Watch the video below for the segment, and skip to 10:15 for the ad—starring America Ferrera as one of the harried mothers heading back to work:

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