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Archie is debuting a brand new look when the comic series is rebooted later this year, and fans will have a direct way of helping this new take on Riverdale to thrive.

Archie Comics is launching a Kickstarter campaign today, May 11 that will allow the company to expand its rebooted Archie universe thanks to fan support. Archie is returning with a new #1 issue on July 8 from Mark Waid and Fiona Staples (see an exclusive reveal of Staples’ cover below).

“We’re dusting off one of the world’s most beloved characters and bringing him into today, with all the great things that people loved intact and a bit more bite,” Archie Comics publisher and CEO Jon Goldwater said in a statement.

But three more series are also planned as part of Archie’s “New Riverdale,” as the company approaches Archie’s 75th anniversary.

The three series include:

1. Jughead, from writer Chip Zdarsky and an artist to be announced

2. Life with Kevin from writer and penciler Dan Parent, as well as inker J. Bone

3. Betty and Veronica, which comes from writer/artist Adam Hughes

Jughead will be a bit more off-the-wall, Betty and Veronica will be more about their friendship and competitiveness, and Kevin will be pushing one of the most beloved and iconic characters introduced in recent memory into new areas and new situations,” Goldwater said.

The reboot already clearly has fans excited, with 100,000 orders already placed for Archie #1. With an all-star team of talent behind multiple new series, Goldwater said that going to Kickstarter allowed this ambitious plan to become a reality.

“We want to make it an event that everyone can participate in,” Goldwater said. “That’s when we met with the great people at Kickstarter and saw that we could make this real—with the help of the people that are most important to Archie and have been for 75 years: our fans.”

The three series will each look to take advantage of the creative minds involved, as well as bring forward different aspects of the Archie world that fans love with a modern twist.

“I think Chip Zdarsky is the perfect person to write [Jughead] mainly because he kind of IS Jughead. He’s got the same vibe, the same sense of self. It’s really uncanny,” Goldwater said, explaining that Zdarsky will honor Jughead’s past but offer a brand new take on the character.

A large aspect of this reboot will be Life with Kevin, which follows Archie‘s first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, in his own series.

“When we introduced him…it let the world know that these books were happening today, and that Riverdale was an inclusive, friendly place open to anyone,” Goldwater said. “That was a huge departure from what people perceived.”

And Adam Hughes was a no-brainer choice for Goldwater on Betty and Veronica, after seeing Hughes’ previous work for the company.

“This is Betty and this is Veronica,” Goldwater had said to Archie Comics president Mike Pellerito about a cover Hughes had done for another series.

And with the Kickstarter launching on Monday, Goldwater hopes that the fans, who have already shown their support in orders for the main Archie series, will be able to directly contribute to the future of the new Riverdale as a whole. When Goldwater saw the scope of what Archie Comics had planned, he knew it was time to bring the possibilities for the future of Archie Ccomics to the fans

“That’s when we decided it was time to reach out to the people who’ve supported us since day one and ask them to help us not only launch a few books, but start a movement—build a new Riverdale, for today’s reader,” Goldwater said.

Find an exclusive reveal of FIona Staples’ Archie #1 cover below, as well as artwork from Betty and Veronica, Life with Kevin

Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC
Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

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