Credit: Everett Collection

Elizabeth Wilson, who played Dustin Hoffman’s mother in The Graduate and won a Tony Award in 1972, has died at 94. Wilson’s friend, Elizabeth Morton, confirmed her death to the New York Times.

Wilson’s first role was an uncredited appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. She would later receive a proper credit for Hitchcock as Helen Carter in the 1963 thriller The Birds. In an interview with The Hartford Courant last year, Wilson recalled how a bird actually flew into her back on her first day on set. “When I told Mr. Hitchcock, he said, ‘I am not at all surprised,'” she said.

Four years later, she would co-star in The Graduate, the first of four films she would make with director Mike Nichols. (The late director also cast her in his 1973 Broadway revival of Uncle Vanya, as noted.) Other notable movie roles included 9 to 5, The Addams Family and Quiz Show. Her last onscreen appearance came in 2012’s Hyde Park on Hudson, where she played the mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Wilson won her Tony Award for Stick and Bones, an anti-war drama written by David Rabe.

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