By Clark Collis
May 08, 2015 at 08:56 PM EDT

The teaser trailer for new thriller Road Games doesn’t tell us too much about the film except that it involves some weapons and that the vogue for using John Carpenter-esque title fonts continues apace (with which we have no problem whatsoever). But one of its stars, You’re Next actress Barbara Crampton, did reveal a little about the project when EW spoke to her at last weekend’s horror-themed Stanley Film Festival in Estes Park, Colo. “It’s a French-English coproduction” said Crampton, who had two new films screening at the festival, Sun Choke and We Are Still Here (out June 5), as well as director Stuart Gordon’s cult classic Re-Animator. “Frédéric Pierrot is in it, he’s quite a prolific actor in Europe. And I speak some French in the movie.” D’accord! “Merci bien! I actually learned everything kind of phonetically but it worked out pretty well. They just finished it, they’re looking to go to some film festivals.”

The actress also revealed that she recently became a producer for the first time on a film called Beyond the Gates, which is directed by Jackson Stewart. “He was an intern for Stuart Gordon,” said Crampton. “We just finished filming last week. It’s a horror movie. Chase Williamson is in it, and Brea Grant, and Graham Skipper, who was in Re-Animator: The Musical. That was fantastic. I saw it three times. It was balls-out funny.”