By Eric Renner Brown
May 08, 2015 at 03:20 PM EDT
Jason Oxenham/Getty Images
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Back in March, Aussie psych-rockers Tame Impala began dropping tracks—trippy electro-freakout “Let It Happen,” slinky sex jam “‘Cause I’m A Man,” crunchy rocker “Disciples”—from their forthcoming third album Currents. But official details about exactly when we’d get Currents remained scant. That changed yesterday, when the band announced the album’s July 17 release date and its tracklisting.

Tame Impala also released a fourth track, “Eventually,” which might be hew the closest to its old material of any of the Currents tracks yet. It combines arena-ready bombast with frontman Kevin Parker’s ethereal vocals—but don’t expect more songs between now and July. An Instagram post promoting “Eventually” came with the following caption: “Last one before the album.”

Check out the song below, along with the Currents track list.


1. Let It Happen

2. Nangs

3. The Moment

4. Yes I’m Changing

5. Eventually

6. Gossip

7. The Less I Know The Better

8. Past Life

9. Disciples

10. ‘Cause I’m A Man

11. Reality In Motion

12. Love Paranoia

13. New Person, Same Old Mistake

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