The guitarist opens up about his current status with Axl Rose.
Slash 01
Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It has been years since Axl Rose and Slash shared a stage together as the key forces in Guns N’ Roses—but if the guitarist has his way, he’d be open to reuniting again.

“[Rose and I] haven’t really talked in a long time,” Slash says in an interview with CBS. “But a lot of the tension that you were talking about has dissipated. We don’t have all those issues anymore. There’s not a lot of controversy. It’s something that’s more perpetuated by the media than anything.”

The guitarist, who quit the group in 1996, went on to say he’d be enthusiastic about a reunion. “I gotta be careful what I say here,” he said. “If everybody wanted to do it and do it for the right reasons, I think the fans would love it. I think it might be fun at some point to try and do that…It’s really between the guys in the band. You know, never say never.”

Guns N’ Roses were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, but even that momentous occasion didn’t lead to a reunion. Rose opted to miss the ceremony and wrote in an open letter at the time that it “doesn’t appear to be somewhere I’m actually wanted or respected.” Yet Rose has continued to record and tour under the group’s name and finally released their long-awaited Chinese Democracy in 2008.

Watch the full interview with Slash at CBS.