By Christopher Rosen
May 08, 2015 at 12:54 PM EDT
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the full version of which the magazine just recently put online, The Who guitarist Pete Townshend trashed Spotify owner Daniel Ek, though not by name.

“I’m a user of Spotify, so I feel like a complete hypocrite when I say: I think the guy that runs it is probably a f–king crook. Take me to court,” Townshend said. “I was reading about some artist who had something like 450,000 plays, and he got a check for [almost nothing]. It doesn’t make any sense. I read a thing today that it cost the average band $10,000 to go and play their first gig at SXSW. Jesus f–king Christ. You know, we used to get paid to do this kind of thing.”

This isn’t the first time Townshend has shared his complicated feelings on the music industry’s digital boom. Speaking to Jon Stewart in 2012, Townshend discussed iTunes and how “they don’t put any of their profit back into music.”

For the full interview with Townshend, head to Rolling Stone.