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Candace Cameron Bure might’ve been the only one who didn’t freak out over the fact that a Full House remake will hit Netflix next year. “It was more of a relief,” Cameron Bure explains of the moment she received an email with the good news. “Jodi Sweetin, Andrea Barber, John Stamos and I have been involved with developing the show from the start. We’ve just been keeping it a secret for the a very long time.”

In addition to the return of Stephanie Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler and Uncle Jesse, Cameron Bure says the premiere of Fuller House will serve as a reunion. “Just about everyone will be back for the first episode, and some others throughout [the series],” she tells EW. Following the series’ debut, the remaining 12 episodes—set in San Francisco—will focus on Cameron Bure as DJ Fuller, an expectant mother who enlists the help of her sister (Sweetin) and best friend (Barber) after her husband Tommy passes away.

With DJ a single lady, is there a chance she’ll rekindle her romance with Steve (Scott Weigner/the voice of Aladdin)? “Who knows if they’ll be able to bring Steve back,” Cameron Bure says. But while the remake might not feature the entire original cast, Cameron Bure hasn’t lost touch with the Full House bunch since the show ended in 1995. “We’re all great friends,” the actress gushes. “We hang out all the time.”

She’s been happy to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grow into fashion powerhouses, but isn’t surprised that Bob Saget has become equally known for his raunchy comedy routine as he is for his days as TV dad Danny Tanner.

“He was never like Danny Tanner on set. We grew up with him, with his sense of humor,” Cameron Bure says. “All of the guys were great with us, they treated us like adults. Of course we heard things that were pretty inappropriate, but we were very included.”

Now a parent herself (both on- and off-screen), Kirk Cameron’s younger sister has had the chance to show her three teenagers Full House. “They think it’s cute,” she says. “For them, it’s not a big deal. I’m their mom.” What has been a big deal for the star is her transformation from “Full House‘s DJ Tanner” to “TV icon Candace Cameron Bure.”

“That was kind of the craziest part,” she says. “I don’t think I’m a TV icon.”

Actually, Cameron Bure is more than a TV icon. She’s appeared on Dancing With the Stars, written three books—the latest of which covers her experience on the ABC show and will be released August 1—and executive produced a Hallmark Channel movie that she also stars in.

Her movie Just the Way You Are premieres on Saturday and follows a couple married for 15 years as they attempt to restore the romance in their relationship. “I absolutely adore this movie,” Cameron Bure says. But she won’t be watching its TV debut. Instead, Cameron Bure will be fangirling at a New Kids on the Block concert: “I’m a huge fan!” We bet DJ Tanner was, too.

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