By Clark Collis
May 08, 2015 at 10:21 PM EDT

When director Jennifer Lynch‘s debut movie, the 1993 horror fable Boxing Helena, received an almost unprecedentedly savage mauling from critics, she thought at least things couldn’t get any worse, professionally speaking.


The new documentary Despite the Gods tracks the filmmaker—and daughter of Twin Peaks auteur David Lynch—as she attempts to direct a snake-woman movie (not making this up) named Hisss (still not making this up) in India (did we mention we’re not making any of this up?). Judging by the doc’s expletive-featuring trailer, which you can see above, Lynch’s travails on the project made harsh critical words seem like the proverbial perambulation in a grassy area.

Since Hisss, Lynch has flourished on the small screen, directing Psych, Teen Wolf, and The Walking Dead. So we think it’s not too mean to say that we’ve been looking forward to seeing this doc like an Indian snake-woman looks forward to—eating dudes? Laying eggs? Performing a Bollywood dance routine? We’re honestly not sure. Regardless, the wait is now over: it has been announced that Despite the Gods will be released on DVD May 19 and will be available to watch via VOD soon afterwards.