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Real-life Mario Kart? A The Legend of Zelda shooting gallery? An actual construction site where a giant gorilla throws barrels at you?

Well, at least something along those lines may soon be on the way thanks to Nintendo’s latest partnership.

Nintendo announced Thursday that it has teamed up with Universal Parks and Resorts to create theme-park attractions based on Nintendo’s stable of memorable characters. These will be the world’s first official theme park rides based on Nintendo properties, but Nintendo and Universal have not announced at which of Universal’s parks the attractions will be built nor what properties will actually be used.

This partnership continues Nintendo’s trend of branching out from its console and handheld gaming-focused business model (and all the merchandise that comes along with it). Nintendo announced plans earlier this year to develop games for mobile platforms, and rumors suggested Nintendo was looking into a partnership with Netflix. While those rumors were shot down, Nintedo’s response didn’t preclude the company from one day producing a television series based on their games.

So what rides could Nintendo and Universal actually build? Well, they’ve already got a blueprint in the Wii U game Nintendo Land, but the Nintendo universe is brimming with so many possibilities there’s no shortage of attractions to be built.

Unfortunately, as most of the Mushroom Kingdom’s characters only usually say their names or shout in panic or delight, it might be easy to become sick of hearing “It’s a-me, Mario!” hour after hour. Still, the possibility of rides, games, and other attractions based Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, and more is an exiciting and long-awaited dream becoming reality for many Nintendo fans.

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