Whether you’re hunting for a book to read with your feet in the sand, or one that will make you forget you’re not on vacation, there’s something for you this summer. Check out the best of these big fat beach reads, coming soon to a bookstore (or handheld screen) near you!

Saint Mazieby Jami Attenberg

Gregarious Mazie Phillips keeps a diary as she opens up her New York City movie theater, the Venice, to the city’s homeless during the Depression. When a documentarian unearths the journal almost a century later, he decides to find out who Mazie really was. (June 2)

Muse by Jonathan Galassi

Galassi’s first novel, which charts the rivalry between two Manhattan publishing houses, is packed with lively secrets and insider gossip from the world of literature. (June 2)

The Sunken Cathedral by Kate Walbert

An adventurous pair of widows navigate the chasm between the world of their dreams and their Manhattan neighborhood, which is rife with change. (June 9)

Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen

Drawing comparisons to the work of the late David Foster Wallace, Cohen’s immense, 592-page novel follows a mysterious tech billionaire called Principal who embarks on a globe-spanning journey to discover the humanity within the digital fizz of the Internet age. (June 9)

Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos

In the new novel from Bakopoulos (My American Unhappiness), a broiling summer drives the adults in a small Midwestern town to do some very strange things, leaving the kids to simmer in confusion. Questions arise about marriage and monotony as the men and women wonder if they’ll ever return to normalcy. (June 16)

Bennington Girls Are Easy by Charlotte Silver

Silver’s snarky, superb look at female friendship focuses on two Bennington College classmates, Cassandra and Sylvie. After they move to New York City together to begin the artsy adult lives they’ve envisioned, the limits of their bond are tested. (July 14)

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper by Hilary Liftin

Celebrity ghostwriter Liftin introduces us to Lizzie Pepper, a beloved actress whose failed marriage to an A-list movie star (and cult member) was tabloid catnip. In this star-studded roman à clef, Pepper tells her side of the story. (July 21)

Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

At the urging of her socially minded mother, 26-year-old Evelyn Beegan decides to make her new money smell like old so she can break into the inner circle of ultrarich Manhattanites. But what happens when she’s caught up in her lies? An intoxicating blend of class, ambition, and money. (August 18)

Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonders by Julianna Baggott

Sweeping across one century and three generations of women, Baggott’s mesmerizing novel tells the secret, star-crossed love story reclusive author Harriet Wolf hid during her lifetime, along with the tales of her protective daughter and two grand-daughters—one a runaway, the other a hermit. (Aug. 18)

A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan

Wife, mother, and part-time editor Alice Pearse longs to “have it all”—and when her breadwinner husband makes a drastic career change, she finally gets the opportunity to step up and pursue her dream job. But after her life is plunged into disarray by things beyond her control, she has to ask herself what “it” really is. (Aug. 25)

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