By Natalie Abrams
May 06, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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While Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her associates are gearing up for the ultimate showdown with Papa Pope (Joe Morton) and B613, the White House is looking to make history by getting First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) elected as senator of Virginia.

“To be a Senator First Lady would be unprecedented,” Young tells EW, revealing that we will find out the results of her senatorial bid by the end of the season. “Mellie is always swinging. She may hit foul balls a lot of the time, but she’s got to hit a homer eventually.”

But before then, Mellie will have plenty of hurdles to get over on her path to election day, the least of which is being forced to face the death of her son during the campaign. “Jerry’s death is something that Mellie has with her in her heart all the time everyday,” she says.

“Poor Mellie, even if there weren’t actual roadblocks in the road, she’d just makes them for herself,” Young continues. “She’s just an overthinker. As an overthinker in real life, we just never make it easy on ourselves. They are in politics, so it’s a hard enough road. There’ll be plenty, plenty, plenty to stumble and fall on before we make it through the finale.”

But if the First Lady does become a senator, that would keep Mellie and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in each other’s orbit for many years to come—especially if she ends up in the White House—which means the dream of making jam with Olivia (both figuratively and literally) gets pushed further and further away. Still, Goldwyn believes Fitz is completely on board with Mellie’s goals.

“I want to help her be all she can be,” he says. “I feel like, from the White House perspective, Mellie’s ascension is what Fitz wants. He really does believe in her potential, and wants to help coach her to achieve her potential, because he feels she’s been deprived of that—largely often due to him, or circumstances connected to him. Nothing is ever that simple in Shondaland, so it kind of gets crazy.”

Do you think Mellie will be elected? Find out when Scandal airs its final two episodes starting Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Reporting by C. Molly Smith.

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