By Clark Collis
Updated May 06, 2015 at 07:46 PM EDT

It Follows actress Maika Monroe is rapidly becoming Hollywood’s latest go-to young star. In addition to leading this year’s hit horrorshow, the former professional kiteboarder appeared in 2014’s terrific action-thriller The Guest, was recently cast in Independence Day 2 and will also be seen in post-apocalypse thriller The 5th Wave next January.

Can’t wait until then? You don’t have to: Yet another project to feature the actress, Echoes of War, is debuting in cinemas and on VOD, on May 15. According to the official synopsis this Civil War-set drama concerns “two neighboring families grieving tragic losses while they struggle to survive. The cattle-ranching McCluskeys have lost both a son and their entire herd to the war. The Rileys, mourning the loss of wife and mother Mary to illness, eke out a living trapping animals and selling their pelts. When Seamus Riley’s brother-in-law Wade (James Badge Dale) returns from fighting for the Confederacy, he soon discovers that Randolph McCluskey (William Forsythe) and family have been stealing animals from his family’s traps. He decides it is intolerable and takes matters into his own hands, sparking yet another tragic and senseless war.”

You can see Monroe and Dale in an exclusive clip from Echoes of War, above. And you can check out the film’s trailer, below.