Leave it to Key and Peele to tackle the current events in Baltimore with a hefty dose of real talk in the form of a vibrant and biting musical number. Jordan Peele unveiled a new sketch from the duo’s Comedy Central show Wednesday, tweeting that he “had to release this one early.” It’s titled “Negrotown,” and in it, a man played by Keegan-Michael Key figures out how to escape racism when he’s stopped by police.

It starts with a cop stopping and handcuffing Key after spotting him walking down an alley. After Key’s head gets slammed on the car door, Peele, playing a homeless man, ushers him into colorful world named “Negrotown,” where the cabs always stop, where hanging out in groups “doesn’t mean you’re in a gang,” where “you can wear your hoodie and not get shot,” and… well, we’ll let the duo take it from here:

Key & Peele returns for a fifth season on July 8.

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