Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The price is right, but the prize is wrong.

On an episode of The Price Is Right that aired Tuesday, a contestant in a wheelchair won two prizes: a sauna and… a treadmill. A viewer captured the scene and uploaded it to YouTube (start at 0:48 for the awkward moment).

“I’m so excited right now!” Price Is Right player Danielle tells host Drew Carey when she reaches the stage. Carey then asks the announcer to unveil the prizes she’ll be playing for, and he giddily tells her: “A couple of prizes, Danielle! We’ve got a treadmill aaaaand a new sauna!”

Twitter took notice of the embarrassing moment right away:

For her part, Danielle seemed only genuinely thrilled by the prizes, telling Carey, “These are really nice.” In any case, she leaves with both prizes when she gets the price, well, right.

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