Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Cindy Tsai wants to hear only one of Miguel’s songs in the wake of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards: “Pay Me.” The woman who was a victim in the singer’s now-infamous tumble filed a lawsuit for negligence on Friday against the singer and several other parties including the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and Prometheus Global Media.

To recap: During the performance of his hit “Adorn,” Miguel attempted to leap across the stage during the awards show. He fell short, resulting in incidentally hitting two women. One of them, Khyati, met Miguel backstage during the ceremony, and at one point considered her own lawsuit. After the performance, a report claimed that Miguel was told not to attempt the jump, which was denied by his people in a statement to EW.

The filing claims that Miguel’s jump ended up with his “violently slamming into Plaintiff [Tsai], striking her head and crushing her into the side of the catwalk and injuring Plaintiff.” Also from the lawsuit: “Plaintiff sustained personal injuries including medical expenses, possible future medical expenses, pain and suffering, possible future pain and suffering, loss of wages, possible future losses of wages, loss of personal property, and loss of enjoyment of life all in an amount in excess of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000.00).”