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Will the Witnesses ever catch a break?

As if trips to Purgatory, dead loved ones, and the ever-present threat of the apocalypse weren’t enough, it looks like Abbie and Ichabod are about to lose Frank Irving. Orlando Jones, who plays Abbie’s former captain—and a key ally to both her and Ichabod Crane—will not be returning to Sleepy Hollow for its upcoming third season. Variety broke the news.

Jones’ departure comes at a time of transition for the series: Showrunner Mark Goffman stepped down before a season 3 renewal was announced, and two regular characters—Katrina Crane (Katia Winter) and Henry Parrish (John Noble)—were killed at the end of season 2.

Their deaths signaled Sleepy Hollow’s intention to clean house after a rocky second season. A lot of the season’s mistakes were visible in Jones’ character arc: Irving was barely present before his heroic death in the midseason finale, which turned out to be a fake-out. The captain returned, his soul owned by the Horseman of War, only to get his soul back before wreaking much havoc. With that taken care of, season 3 was set to get back to basics.

So what now? We’ve got some thoughts on what to expect from an Irving-less Sleepy Hollow.

  • Farewell, Irving family. Now that Irving’s soul is free, he’s clear to reunite with ex-wife Cynthia (Jill Marie Jones) and daughter Macey (Amandla Stenberg)—assuming he can convince Cynthia that he’s no longer in the service of a demon. But if Irving leaves to start a new life with his family, we’ll likely have to say goodbye to all of them. That means losing two supporting characters who otherwise could have been brought into the fray.
  • Third-wheel Jenny. Jenny Mills is about to lose another friend and partner in badassery. Who will she illegally funnel across state borders now? Hawley? Please say no.
  • More Reyes? The show can at least fill its need for a tough but begrudgingly supportive authority figure by bulking up Sakina Jaffrey’s role as Sheriff Reyes. Reyes, who replaced Irving after his institutionalization, has a history with Abbie and Jenny’s mother, and she’s proven to be a lot stricter about the rules—giving Abbie and Ichabod someone new to convince of their mission. If they have to get a little covert along the way, that’s fine by us.
  • Karaoke coping. Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny might need few rounds of karaoke at the bar to get through this one. We won’t complain about that, either.

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