By Eric Renner Brown
Updated May 04, 2015 at 04:17 PM EDT
Pat Johnson

Nineteen-year-old Bay Area rocker Matt Jaffe already has a hefty stamp of approval: Five years ago, former Talking Heads guitarist and keyboardist Jerry Harrison discovered the California native at a local open mic and was so impressed that he took the youngster under his wing. Now Jaffe has an EP, Blast Off, out with his group The Distractions, that cops new-wave vibes from (no surprise) Talking Heads, a little rockabilly sneer from The Clash, and coats everything with a power-pop sheen that pays homage to Jaffe’s Bay Area forebears Green Day and Rancid.

Yes, Easter may have already passed on the calendar, but stoners aren’t exactly known for their timeliness, right? EW has the exclusive premiere of the song’s music video, which finds the singer patrolling the aisles of a church with his guitar while members of the congregation wear 3-D glasses and smoke weed. (Fun fact: Jaffe’s birthday is April 20.)

Check out the video below: