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Soon, both David Letterman and President Barack Obama will be out of work. The venerable host of The Late Show calls its quits on May 20 after three different presidential tenures and nearly 22 years behind the desk.

Making his third and final appearance on The Late Show as the president, Obama (who will exit office in 2017) said he had an idea of how the two men could spend their forthcoming idle time. “Well, I was thinking you and me could play some dominoes together,” he said, grinning. “Go to the local Starbucks, swap stories.”

Letterman had another idea in mind: “I plan to teach law at Columbia,” the host joked, a reference to a recent rumor that Obama would teach at the school after his leaves office in 2017.

There were more than just jokes between Letterman and Obama during the interview. The Late Show host also asked the president about the recent unrest in Baltimore, following the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody.

“Too many don’t have a relationship of trust with police,” Obama said. “It creates an environment in the community where instead of being protected and served, they’re the targets of unwarranted stops and arrests.” For the full episode, head to Letterman’s Late Show website.

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