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Vince Gilligan has some good news, and he’s got some bad news.

To get the bad news over with first: The creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul will not be writing for Fox’s revival of The X-Files. Gilligan, who served as a writer and producer during the series’ original run, was a fan-favorite pick to return, but he revealed in his recent Reddit AMA that his schedule won’t allow it.

“Unfortunately I won’t be writing for the reboot, because my work on Better Call Saul will keep me from doing that. I’m very sad to miss out, because I would love to have a hand in The X-Files reboot. The X-Files was my second favorite job ever, a close second to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and I’d love to be a part of it. Rest assured, I will be watching it as a fan. I can’t wait to see it,” Gilligan wrote.

Now for the good news: A Breaking Bad-inspired fried chicken restaurant is not out of the question.

“Believe it or not… there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant,” said Gilligan, who added that he would “love to see that happen.”

The writer also shared a few entertaining behind-the-scenes stories about his hit series, including the fact that Breaking Bad was inspired by a phone call between Gilligan and former X-Files writer/eventual Breaking Bad producer Tom Schnauz: “We were both out of work at the time. He made the joke that we should put a meth lab in the back of an RV and travel America—he was making a joke, but that really stuck with me.”

On a more serious note, Gilligan shared his thoughts on fans’ interpretations—”My opinion is that these shows, once on the air, belong to you the fans as much as they belong to me and those who act and work on the shows, so your reactions are just as valid as mine”—and admitted that his biggest fear with Better Call Saul was that the show would be a failure: “I was afraid that the show would go on the air and people wouldn’t like it, and—worse than that—people would say it sullied their memory of Breaking Bad. But fear is never a reason not to try something.”

There are reasons, however, to stop throwing pizza on the roof of the White house. Gilligan especially wants fans to cut it out: “It’s very unfair to the sweet lady that lives there. Please, please do NOT do it. If you want the photo of a pizza on the White house roof: Photoshop it!!!”

Other highlights from the AMA:

  • Anyone from Breaking Bad could appear on Better Call Saul. “Anybody and everybody. The sky’s the limit!”
  • Bryan Cranston, unsurprisingly, was the biggest prankster on Breaking Bad‘s set. He habitually rushed to read scripts first in order to “put on a sorrowful face and say to Aaron [Paul], ‘Gee buddy, I’m so sorry. You’re going out with a bang, at least.’ And Aaron, God bless him, seemed to fall for it every time.”
  • A fan once told Gilligan that his wife went into labor during an episode of Breaking Bad, but refused to go to the hospital until it was over.
  • When asked his favorite of his episodes of The X-Files, Gilligan replied, “If you held my feet to the fire, I’d probably say ‘Bad Blood.'” Series star Gillian Anderson would say the same.
  • Gilligan’s mom rooted for Walter White to live more than Gilligan himself did.
  • If Gilligan weren’t writing TV shows, he’d be a helicopter pilot.

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