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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Straight up: Is Emily Thorne going to die on Revenge? — Mark

Well, the series finale is titled “Two Graves,” so her survival odds are not looking great at the moment. “It is the end of a journey, but it’s a journey that’s been so darkly taken,” EP Sunil Nayar tells me. “How do we want her to feel at the end of this journey, and how do we want the audience to feel about the nature of this journey? Do we want this to be a tale where people think, ‘I should go do that,’ or do we want people to think, ‘I could go do that, but there’s a serious price to be paid by doing it!’? At the end of the day, there’s no getting out of this clean, whether that means you’re dead, deeply wounded or carrying this darkness with you. You’ll see that everybody in the show is affected by the world they’ve gotten themselves into and the darkness that’s hard to pull out.”

I need something Game of Thrones. — Jackie

We’re finally going to see the Sand Snakes in action, and they will quickly prove how deadly they can be. Farther north, we’ll also see Melisandre make a big move on Jon Snow in a surprisingly sexy scene—and that’s saying something for a show that’s not afraid of full frontal.

Anything SVU about Olivia? — Samari

With Benson finally taking the Lieutenant’s exam, there will soon be a shakeup at the 16th precinct. “It’s clear that, after the finale, the squad room will not be the same,” executive producer Warren Leight teases. “There are some huge surprises in [the finale].”

Is Zelena really pregnant on Once Upon a Time? — Kellen

That does seem pretty fishy, right? Alas, I think we’re in for some bad news in that department. “She could be [faking this]. We’ve seen her talent with magic,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “But that seems to be very easy. I would hate to end the show on information like that just to buy it back and say, ‘Just kidding!’ That would seem not fair.” Here’s hoping this just means Robin and Zelena are not the ones getting married.

Will we find out more about who Liz really is The Blacklist? — Don

Liz Keen’s quest for answers will come to a head as the season comes to a close. “The storyline about the woman who she has found in this photograph, who Red has confirmed is her mother, takes us not only forward in terms of who Liz is, but it’s going to take us back to the night of the fire, to what happened in this period of time that has somehow been lifted or erased from her memory somehow,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “We are, in the last few episodes, going to be going back to that critical night in which so much of the story has its roots. Yes, we’re going to have a big discovery. The storyline of Liz and her mother and how she’s connected to Red is going to be at the heart of our finale.”

Hi! Any scoop about Castle? — Fred

I’ve got just the thing to calm any major fears you have about the season finale: You don’t need to worry about Beckett or Castle dying. With the show’s fate still up in the air, TPTB aren’t looking to do anything quite so definitive. “I think that we can say that if we were to come back next year, we would be coming back with all of our pieces intact,” executive producer Andrew Marlowe said. “It’s not a Grey’s Anatomy situation by any means.”

Are Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. the big bad next season on Arrow? — Peach

It’s no coincidence that Ra’s al Ghul name dropped both, and I hear we’ll get even more clues about what’s in store soon. “I will say that season 1 didn’t set up the big bad of season 2 and season 2 didn’t set up the big bad of season 3, at least as far as the season finales were concerned,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. “We’ll probably go further than we’ve ever gone in a season finale to give you a sense as to who the big bad of the next season will be. But we still have a lot to do with Ra’s and the League of Assassins.”

Thanks for the Fish Mooney scoop, but now I’m worried about Gordon! Anything you can say about him in the Gotham finale? — Priya

Fish Mooney is not the only woman who will cause Gordon undue stress in the finale, as the love triangle with Leslie and Barbara will come to a head in a big way. “That is going to bear bitter fruit big time,” executive producer Bruno Heller says. “The audience knows a little more about what’s going on in that love triangle than Gordon or Leslie. They’re going to pay for that ignorance.”

I’m a huge Chicago P.D. fan. Any news? — Jerrod

After Atwater makes a critical mistake, Voight demotes him and bumps Burgess up to Intelligence. “It affects Ruzek because they’re dating,” executive producer Matt Olmstead says. “She knows she’s just keeping the seat warm for Atwater until he gets brought back up. Just to get a taste of what she hopes to get one day is very satisfying to her.”

Now that Joe is actually dead, what’s going to happen in The Following finale? — Lenny

We’re going to find out whether Ryan can have a life outside of his obsession. “We’re driving towards a pretty spectacular resolution on that question of: Am I allowed to be happy?” executive producer Alexi Hawley says. Unfortunately, Theo isn’t the only one who could stand in the way of that. “Annet Mehendru’s character does come at the end of the season as the face of a new evil, which will challenge Ryan even more.”

Any details on Jo and Alaric’s upcoming wedding on The Vampire Diaries? — Carrie

According to Kat Graham, “It looks like a Julie Plec dream.” In other words, “it’s gorgeous,” she says. “I’d get married there!” Apparently, the ceremony was shot in a barn, complete with chandeliers and decor that makes it the picture of romance. Graham also reveals that the set was built specifically for the wedding, so don’t expect it to look familiar. Perhaps Alaric and Jo tie the knot outside of Mystic Falls? Regardless, let’s just hope Kai doesn’t find them.

We’ve heard a lot about the second hour of the Hawaii Five-0 season finale already. Anything scoop you can give us on the first half? Thanks! — Sarah

How about both halves? The last two episodes will really dive into the photos of Adam that Gabriel gave Chin, though the result may not be as nefarious as we’re expecting. “Knowing that those photos exist, knowing that Chin would do anything to protect his cousin, and the fact that the wedding still takes place, I think that the result of what happens out of those photos is hopefully a surprise to people,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “If it was really bad news, I don’t think Chin would allow his cousin to get married.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: I’m excited to see Homeland move into uncharted territory.

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Additional reporting by James Hibberd and Samantha Highfill.

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