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May 01, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Pearl Jam has now responded to New Yorker Daniel Sheffer’s fundraising for Eddie Vedder and friends to come play the newly reopened Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York. Sheffer has raised over $140,000 via 578 backers. 

In a statement to Village Voice, however, Pearl Jam’s manager Kelly Curtis explained why the band would likely not be playing a crowdfunded concert anytime soon:

We love the passion and enthusiasm of the fans who have spearheaded Pearl Jam crowdfund efforts. However, with more and more of these crowdfunded show proposals cropping up, we want to be clear before fans invest their hard-earned money into these efforts that they are unlikely to happen. The band’s shows are booked through their management and touring agents. A lot goes into scheduling, routing, producing, and promoting safe and successful shows for our fans. We will continue to rely on our experts in the field to ensure this remains the case for the band’s future tours.

To which Sheffer was all “Little secrets, tremors turned to quake / The smallest oceans still get big, big waves” in his response, saying, “We will continue to crowdfund until we receive a hard no from the Pearl Jam management. Dreams do come true and we are doing this for the thousands of fans that have supported us, visited our website, and have done charity work all for this movement. Pearl Jam are our heroes and we hope they can hear our proposal and give us more detailed feedback. We want this concert in Pearl Jam’s hands and by no means would want otherwise. We know they put on a show like no other. We are simply a grassroots movement that knows Pearl Jam Forest Hills would be amazing for the fans, the band, and the community. We remain faithful, as the song goes. We are the Forest Hills Faithful!”

Hopefully the Forest Hills Faithfull offer refunds, because it doesn’t look like Pearl Jam is about to pull a Foo Fighters.

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