By Will Robinson
May 01, 2015 at 11:16 PM EDT
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1, 2 Step” is a gem that deserves to have a 24-hour radio station only play it—and it’s largely because Ciara and Missy Elliott flawlessly played off each other in the 2004 hit that ruled all middle-school and high-school dances for the year. The only problem is that, with just eight bars, Elliott isn’t given enough to do.

And now, the two are together again on “That’s How I’m Feeling,” a cut from Ciara’s upcoming album Jackie, which will be released Monday. She enlists the incomparable MC and Pitbull to drop verses, and there’s more palpable energy in this than the decade-old two-stepper. Mr. Worldwide slows the song with his worldwide vocal footprint, but Missy amps it up and takes over. Once again, there’s never enough of her.

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