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If you saw the second trailer for Terminator: Genisys, the sequel-reboot hybrid of the classic sci-fi series hitting screens on July 1, you already know about a big twist in the story. For those who haven’t, you might want to stop reading.

So as we all know because you kept reading, at some point in Genisys, the machines get to John Connor and turn him into something between a human and a robot, shifting the struggle of the story from saving Sarah to saving her son. The revelation came as a shock to fans of the series, especially given that the plot point itself appears to be one that comes partway through the film.

Well, based on a new poster for Genisys, which features an evil-looking Jason Clarke, it appears that he marketing campaign is going all in on the whole “John is a human-machine hybrid” thing.

When EW‘s Nicole Sperling spoke with Clarke about the twist, he elaborated on what the transition means for his character. “He’s freed from being a messiah, freed from the burden of knowing the future is set and nothing can change it forever,” Clarke said. “He’s full of possibilities now that he’s not fully machine, not fully human. He’s something else. He’s still evolving. There are still surprises as to what exactly John is ultimately.”

You can check out the full poster below.

Terminator Genisys
2015 movie
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