By Madison Vain
Updated April 30, 2015 at 03:36 PM EDT
Credit: David O'Donahue

Rochester, New York-bred indie rock outfit Joywave dropped their debut album How Do You Feel Now?, April 21, and given how it shared the name of their 2014 EP, we thought someone should finally ask, No, seriously, how do you feel? You know what? Tell us in a playlist! In return, the five-piece fronted by Daniel Armbruster (he is joined by Joseph Morinelli on guitar, Sean Donnelly on bass, Benjamin Bailey on keyboards, and Paul Brenner on drums) gave us the collection below. Thirteen tracks that somehow go perfectly with the dissonant, inventive sounds they make themselves, and somehow are perfect in that they don’t go along with it at all.

Jonny Greenwood “Open Spaces”

“We’re all big Radiohead fans and generally fans of film scores. They’re a nice change of pace from the typical and make for interesting drives on tour. Jonny Greenwood’s score to There Will Be Blood made for one particularly interesting, albeit anxious drive.”

Clark “The Grit in the Pearl”

“We got to see Clark perform in Boston after our recent show at the House of Blues. It was sonic insanity. One of the few purely instrumental producers each one of us can get behind.”

Bloc Party “Mercury”

“This is an extremely underrated song from an extremely underrated album. Ahead of its time and still holds up years later. Future music.”

Drake “Know Yourself”

“This whole record is so aggressively slow and confident. Also super interesting to here his range of expression grow. Drake is killing it.”

The Avalanches “Tonight”

“One of our collective favorite albums is The Avalanches’ ‘Since I Left You.’ Not only a trip aurally, the story and process behind the music is mind-boggling. This tune is a breather from the disco tracks before it, but holds up on its own.”

Astrud Gilberto “Meditation”

“Her music finds its way into our van’s speakers at really great times. Totally teleports us when needed.”

Gorillaz “Sound Check (Gravity)”

“We all look up to Damon Albarn as an artist who’s kind of existed on his own terms creatively, but has yielded consistently amazing music, even when it’s from left field. Definitely one of our biggest inspirations.”

Tame Impala“Let It Happen”

“Our new music intake in 2015 hasn’t been too extensive, but this is the best we’ve heard. Most of the music has been experienced together on drives between shows, and this is one of the best driving songs around. Insanely bold and unique.”

Air – “Run”

“Their record Talkie Walkie is another group favorite. It’s so otherworldly and human at the same time; it feels more like a film score than a record. The production is among the best ever.”

Dusty Springfield – “The Windmills Of Your Mind”

This is the only version of the song we’ve heard but it’s apparently not the original. I’m confident that it has to be the best version because it’s flawless. Apparently Dusty Springfield is partly responsible for the signing of Led Zeppelin, who we’re told is an important and influential rock band.”

Talking Heads “Drugs”

“Just a ridiculously well-named song. I can’t explain what the sense of space in this song makes the brain feel like. One of the best bands and musical minds ever.”

Tom Jones “Thunderball”

“It’s not the best Bond theme, but it’s up there.”

Jeff Beal “House of Cards Main Title”

“Currently binging on this show and noticed that I always enjoy watching the long title sequence.”