Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

What do Showgirls, Saved By the Bell and Full House all have in common? They’re all part of the same musical spoof family, which now sets its sights on the Tanner clan as the subject of a new off Broadway musical parody.

Bob and Tobly McSmith—who wrote the music, lyrics, and book for Full House! The Musical!—have announced that the TGIF spoof will replace the two-year run of Bayside! The Musical at Off Broadway’s Theater 80. The new musical, which also boasts the National Lampoon brand endorsement, will run on weekends beginning Sept. 7, 2015.

Cashing in on the latest Netflix reboot and Lifetime movie, Full House! The Musical will “follow Danny’s wacky and hilarious descent into madness as he slowly turns from wholesome Danny Tanner to foul-mouthed and dark Bob Saget.” If it’s anything like the McSmiths’ other shows, the musical will hit on some of the show’s most frequently cited plot points and inside jokes in the years since the TV series ended its run in 1995.

Song titles include “This House is Too Full,” “Our Family is Better Than Your Family,” “I’m Kind of a Slut (But Just Enough for Network TV)”, “Dad Speech (I’m a F-cking Superhero)”, and “Kimmy Gibler Don’t Give a F—k,” plus Comet the Dog’s solo aria, “Look at These Assholes.”

Jason Wise will choreography, with scenic design by Bryan Hartlett, costumes by Shamira Clark, lighting by Adam Lash and sound by Lauren Vargas.

To the point of the McSmiths’ successful musical spoofs, their most recent Bayside! was a surprise hit out of the gate, meant to run for just three months but extending a whopping 12 times since the fall of 2013. It will close on Aug. 8.